Education for Needy Children in Sierra Leone

The Children

The 30 children that we support are based in the Makeni region of Sierra Leone, in 10 different schools and are aged between 8-16 years old.


A local team of 3 are based in Sierra Leone that identify and support children with education needs.

Sierra Leone Team


This year we are supporting 30 children with education in Sierra Leone.

Anita, Josef and Alphonsus are the team based in the Makeni area of Sierra Leone. Anita, Dennis' sister, is a primary school teacher who helped us map out the initial 10 children who needed special help with school assistance and tuition fees. She is now joined by her husband, Josef, and a vision-sharer Alphonsus. They have a focus on identifying and following up needy children throughout the year, and have been able to enrol a total of 30 children in school this year.  As of 2016, they are registered as an organisation in Sierra Leone.

The organisation in Sierra Leone is financially supported by Kanhaug for the work they do in identifying and following up with all the children.


Education for Needy Children