The Children

The 35 children that we support are based in the Makeni region of Sierra Leone, in between 15-18 different schools and are aged between 8-20 years old.

Sierra Leone Team



A local team of four people make the Kanhaug board in Makeni, where the children live


This year we are supporting 35 children with education in Sierra Leone.

Education for Needy Children in Sierra Leone

Anita, Josef, Alphonsus and Rut Ada are based in Makeni, the fifth largest city in Sierra Leone.

Anita is the co-headmaster of Baptist Model Primary School, upper department, classes 4-6.

Rut Ada is Pastor, Alphonsus is working with an NGO, and Josef has been a college teacher for a number of years. Kanhaug was officially registered in Sierra Leone in 2016 as KahoFuCE (Kanhaug Foundation for Children's education).

The team, or board, has the logistical responsibility of following up the children´s school attendance and progress, and making sure the funds get to the ones they are due. All the children live in different places, and attend about 15 different schools.


Education for Needy Children