Easter 2018 Mission Trip

Education for Needy Children in Sierra Leone

In Easter 2018, Dennis and Elin will take a team to Sierra Leone to:

   Encourage the children and Sierra Leone team

   Construct tables and benches for local schools

   Give training to Kanhaug team in Makeni and local pastors

The trip will be about 2 weeks long, with part of the time will in Makeni and part in Freetown. 

The mission team is forming now so if you are interested in joining get in touch! Preparation begins at the end of September with the view to book flights by November. The team will have a fundraising event closer to the time to raise funds for the projects.

Join the Team:
The trip is open to all with a shared vision to join. If you are interested or are considering join, then please contact us to sign up or find out more:

E-mail:            info@kanhaug.com

Phone Dennis: +47 4021 0787
Phone Elin:      +47 9094 5278

Prepare for Mission:
Practical items such as visas and vaccines will need to be initiated soon and tickets are planned to be booked by November. It is also important to the purpose of mission as a team. Therefore, in preparation for the trip, the team will meet each month to get to know each other and get excited for the mission, get practical aspects in place and study the Word together. Preparation meetings begin Wednesday 27th September (details below). To sign-up, contact Elin: +47 9094 5278 or info@kanhaug.com.

Location: Misjonsmarka 12, Stavanger
Time: 18:45 - 21:00
Bring a snack to share

The planned sessions are:
27.09.2017 “Without mercy”
21.10.2017 “Hope without borders”
22.11.2017 “Love without borders”
06.12.2017 “Reaching faith without barriers”
17.01.2018 “Transformation without borders”
14.02.2018 ”The possibilities of borderland”
14.03.2018 “Gender and Equality”

It is hoped that everyone in the mission team can make each meeting, but the meetings are also open to those only considering the mission trip or those considering a different mission trip.

Support the Trip:
You can can donate to the mission by cash to a team member or by bank transfer: 3325.33.38984

Donations that are marked "For 2018 Mission Trip" (or similar) are most welcomed and will be reserved for the mission projects / activities in Sierra Leone. The team will plan a fundraising event closer to the travel time for the same purpose.

For individuals wanting to join the mission team, but maybe cannot afford the costs on their own, they may have individual sponsorship events. Donations that are mark "For travel sponsorship" (or similar) are also most welcomed and will used towards travel costs.

We also are looking for used laptops or tablets for a classroom in Makeni.  If you have one to donate, please contact us (info@kanhaug.com) and we can arrange a pick-up.

We are thankful for all prayers towards the mission.

Please note, donations made to Kanhaug that are not marked for 2018 mission trip or for travel sponsorship, will go to the fund to support the children.

Keep in touch:
Watch this page to keep in touch with what is happening.  Also, you send us an email (info@kanhaug.com) if you want to join the mailing list.