Our founders

To follow Jesus Christ in working with poor children and their families in Sierra Leone to promote child development, human dignity and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Kanhaug History

Education for Needy Children in Sierra Leone

Dennis and Elin Kanu

Our Inspiration

2011 - Dream to reality; the first children sponsored in Sierra Leone.

2013 - Formation of Kanhaug Association in Norway.

2014 - January 23rd, our official registration date in Brønnøysundregistret.

2016 - Establishment of association in Sierra Leone and increase to 30 children supported.

We want to help kids in Sierra Leone grow and thrive spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically by providing them with school support. We also aim to mobilise people in Sierra Leone so they can take on responsibility for the future generations of the country.

Board Members

Dennis Kanu - Founder and President

Elin Kanu - Co-Founder

Pius Agormey - Vice President

Renny Octavia - Treasurer

David Ibrahim - PR Officer

Hajnal Orban - Advisor

Tito Mora - Advisor

Kanhaug Board, Norway

Coming Events

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Back row, left to right: Andrew, Dennis, Tito, Pius

Front row, left to right: Renny, Elin, Denisse

mission & vision

"to help the underprivileged in Sierra Leone to provide financial support for education"


We have a board of 8 members in Norway, and the support of many individuals and groups