Education for Needy Children in Sierra Leone

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Easter 2018 Mission Trip

Elin Kanu

Operations in Norway.



Join us in this mission! 

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Dennis and Elin will take a team to Sierra Leone in Easter 2018.  Click the button below to find out more!

We now support 30 children and have an organisation established in Sierra Leone to identify and follow up the children.


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Anita and Josef

Operations in Sierra Leone.

Dennis Kanu

Presentations and direction.

Welcome to Kanhaug. We are a non-profit child sponsorship organisation. We are thrilled to be here, and let you join us in this incredible mission.

​"Kanhaug" combines the names of founders Dennis Kanu and Elin Underhaug. It represents their unity in running an organisation that wants to give hope to Sierra Leone's future - the children.

Kanhaug helps children who are in a vulnerable position in Sierra Leone. Indirectly we’re helping the society and nation through them, because they will be part of building the future for the country.

We want the children who are part of the project to grow in a positive and loving environment and for them to meet their fullest potential. We hope for them to be encouraged, to make the most of their talents and capabilities, and for them to respect and love themselves and others.


Education for needy children in Sierra Leone

08.November.2017 - Annual General Meeting


We will present our progress/status for 2017. Everyone is welcome! Click here to see the agenda.

Location: Misjonsmarka 12, 4024 Stavanger

Time: 19:00-21:00

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02.August.2017 - Summer Newsletter


Here you will find the 2017 summer update regarding Kanhaug program and activities.



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